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It all started when…

Well that is a good question.  For me it all started the first day I began adventuring around the Fanno Creek bottoms in Beaverrton.  I was 4 when my neighbor kid TJ McConnell and I took an intertube into the creek and accidentally got sucked down a drainpipe near Olsen Road while chasing a Western Painted turtle.  Luckily the drain pipe resurfaced once it crossed the road and we caught the turtle.  51 years later I am still chasing turtles and my adventures take me all around the County.  We hope to share some of it with you all!


This video side show of the Historic Town of Orenco, Oregon was produced by Dirk Knudsen, Washington County Historian, and shows some of the scenes over time of the great little town of Orenco, Oregon. The Oregon Nursery Company was the largest plant and tree nursery in the world between 1910 and 1930. The town have everything it needed to succeed and it's people thrived. The bad economy and the worldwide overproduction of fruit trees and ornamentals finished off the little town just before the depression. The town was bankrupt and dis-incorporated in 1937-39 and all the land and assets of the City were sold off. Today the people of Orenco live in historic homes and buildings and enjoy the beauty of the amazing Elms that line the streets, the beauty of the historic Church, Store, and other original buildings. Surrounded by high-density development and in the center of the award-winning Orenco Station and MAX Light Rail stop the historic townsite is now a part of the City of Hillsboro.

Filmed in 2018 from the corner of Tile Flat and River Road this Video shows the Tualatin River in its normal state in the Winter- just abit over it's banks.  The South HIllsboro, Cooper Mountain area, Schools, Bald Peak, and the Cruise Inn burger stop can be seen here.  There is a Boat Launch here now that the County just opened called Paddle Launch Park -  anice spot to launch a canoe or kayak and explore the big Muddy that is the Tualatin River!

Here is a story of the Beaver Slide out in the Coastal Mountains West of the town of Timber, Oregon. Here Dirk Knudsen asks Ronald D Johnson of Timber and Portland, Oregon about his experiences in the mountains and at the Beaver Slide, what it was for, how it worked, and more!