Telling Our Story Has Never Meant More

The valley is big- not vast- but big.  contained Above and below the ground are stories enough to last into eternity.  Perhaps we can scratch the surface together!

This is no ordinary story, not one you can find on TV or in the Newspapers.  No, to tell this story we must dive into the deep end of the pool and take a serious and honest look at how things came to be the way they are here in Washington County and in our valley, the Tualatin Valley, Oregon.    Here is a map from the Washington County Visitors Association that shows, in one view, how our valley is situated.  For our purposes we will assume that any land lying within Washington County, Oregon is within the Tualatin Vallley.  That includes all the lush farmland, the river bottoms of the Tualatin and all of her feeder streams, and all of our mountain ranges and hills.  Without Mountains we have no Valley and therefore we honor these ancient guaradians and their peoples by way of telling their stories too.  Let us not get hung up on the "Valley" form a geology stand-point but rather inform you, our readers, that the land we are focused on here is all inclusive for our purposes.

As far as history and looking back goes let me say this.  If we do not do it now and capture the stories and artifacts that are left we never will.  This era we are in of massive growth and construction is the last push we will see before it is all over.  Lands in the Tualatin Valley long thought saced are disappearing forever including many of our best farms and early Pioneer sites.  We need your help as we move ahead.  Saving one photo, one tool, one legend or whisper of the past will preserve it forever.

Telling our story has never meant more.