Here is a list of organizations we respect and work with.  Please understand our site is under construction and we have a long list of sites to add.  This will take a little while to update so please hang in there with us and by all means send us sites and partners to add by emailing!

We will be telling stories and tales, some of them Tall, here at TVT!  One of our over-arching goals is to connect our readers with all of the great work already being done in the Tualatin Valley by historic groups, sites, and organizations.  History is something that is best shared openly.  Many of us toil away in our own silos of information and share it with those who come into our realm.  It takes hours, weeks, months, and a lifetime to be good at telling stories.  It takes even longer to be a good researcher or resource to do it right. We hope this site becomes a gateway to direct you readers to as many resources as you need in your personal journies.


 I admit here and now that I will hang onto some facts and run with them.  My preference is the story-telling aspects of it.  My historical hero of the Oregon Territotry and its settlement is no doubt Colonel Joseph Lafayette Meek and his stories often ran into the land of the fantastic.  Thus my love for him.  Many of the better historians and sites listed below should be consulted for anything needing detail and accuracy.  We will do our best to support them all and promote their hard and most wonderful works.


MUSEUMS & Historcial Societies

Washington County Museum - Visit this amazing resource

Beaverton Historical Society

Cedar Mill History Museum

Tualatin Heritage Center

Tigard Historcial Site



Walking& Driving Tour Sites

- Historic Orenco Walking Tour-

- Historic Hillsboro Walking Tour-

- Historic Quilt Barn Trail -


Websites of Groups

Tualatin Historical Society

The Cultural Coalition

The Orenco Neighborhood Organization


Facebook Communities

We Remember Hillsboro, Oregon

Friends of Historic Forest Grove

Garden Home The Way It Was

Meek Plains Historians

Timber, Oregon History and Community

Cedar Mill History

Beaverton Historical Society

Save Helvetia

McKinley Makes History

Gaston History Squad

Gales Creek Community

West Union Elementary School

You Know Your From Aloha, Oregon

Aloha - Reedville Historical Society

Tualatin Heritage Center

Tigard Historical Association

Hillsboro Historical Society

North Plains Area History


Historian Hall of Fame- Tualatin Valley, Oregon

This wall is dedicated to any person who has researched, written about, or been an active part in preserving the history of the Tualatin Valley, the Tualatin Plains. Washington County, or the lands closely adjacent to it.  This list is a partial list and is based upon our personal interactions to date.  The list will be constantly updated and we are constantly looking for people doing this great work which so often goes unappreciated!

Francis Fuller Victor - River of the West

Robert L Benson

Winn Herrschaft

Florence Gross

Frances Slater

Joan Krahmer

Ginny Mapes

Judy Gates Goldman

Bonnie Kooken