Ginny Mapes is a Washington County resident and a researcher, writer, educator, photographer, and web designer with experience creating cultural-heritage exhibits, botanical and historical presentations, outreach campaigns, and educational programs for individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations. 

She enjoys helping others share their creative efforts while building botanical, cultural, and historical awareness in the local community in the Pacific Northwest. 

Look for Ginny to be featured here at the Tualatin Valley Tales website.  She is also the author of some outstanding works on a variety of local topics regaring the Tualatin Valley and the history of the people here.  Her 5 recent books cover a variety of topics from the Atfalati Native Americans to the Swiss of Helvetia.  

From our view we believe we are at a critical point in time from which much history will be preserved or lost forever.  Her work these past few decades and particularly right now will lead us forward.  It is detailed, in depth, reserached, and in many ways unequaled. Our stories won't hold much water without the work of Ginny Mapes and people like here.  The fact that she is an amazing storyteller and teacher filled with passion for our history is just icing on the cake!  We hope to feature many of writings here at TVT and to have her as our brain trust.  Either way she is remembered by us as a person of great influence and knowledge who we will constant turn to for historcial facts.  Thank you Ginny for all you have done and cotinue to do!

5 Books of Tualatin Valley History have been written by Ginny Mapes.jpg