Creator and Founder of Tualatin Valley Tales is dirk knudsen of HIllsboro, oregon

Creator and Founder of Tualatin Valley Tales is dirk knudsen of HIllsboro, oregon


It all started when… I realized that there is no world worth living in that is not filled with stories.  Tales of real places and people of the past teach us how to be brave, how to fight, how to live and love.  They teach us who we are and how we got here.  For me the adventure and richness of finding great stories is like sweet honey wine...the real nectar if you will.  Too many people collect and shelve stories, facts, and articfacts.  The destroyer of time will be an old hermit with a head and barn full of memories who will not share for he hoards them like gold.  For me and my friends we seek to share everything with everyone, especially the Children.  They only have a bright and rich future if they know the truth.  We hope you enjoy the website and I truly hope you jump in and share what you can with me and our readers!  Contact me anytime at 503-799-8383 for a History meet up or discussion!


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